Georgia Local Search’s online directory given award by Cobb Chamber

We are proud to announce that one of Dirxion’s online directory customers,, has been selected as a Cobb Chamber of Commerce 2017 Top 25 Small Business of the Year. Dirxion and Georgia Local Search work directly together through Dirxion’s Local Search platform to provide its web presence, an interactive yellow pages platform that allows local businesses to attract consumers through business listings, advertising and search engine optimization.

Georgia Local Search


Local Search specialist April D’ippolito works with Ken and Donna Rae Adams, the owners of Georgia Local Search. She sees their dedication to their business and its many advertisers.

“Ken and Donna Rae are passionate about helping grow their advertisers’ business. They love Cobb County and its surrounding area and are proud to call it home,” D’ippolito said. “They are highly involved with their customers and it shows in their results.” uses SEO practices and business listings to attract local customers. Once there, customers often find specific information on a page dedicated to a local business in Cobb County and the surrounding area. On this page, businesses list accurate locations and contact information, along with additional information like coupons, menus or videos. Premium listings are given preference on Georgia Local Search’s homepage.

For smartphone and tablet users, the site is optimized, providing a responsive experience. This way, Georgia Local Search’s advertisers receive exposure not just on desktops but also on smartphones and tablets.

On their website, the Adams credit the influence of God in their daily decisions and future success. They plan to remain privately owned to help continue their growth and provide job security to those who work with them.

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ESPN layoffs an indicator of shift toward online advertising

Today, ESPN continued to restructure its organization, laying off about 100 on-air personalities and writers, a huge chunk in personnel salary. Its problem is rooted in a deep investment in TV cable deals that don’t expire any time soon, even though sports fans are cutting the cable cord and finding other ways to watch live events.

Over the past few years, ESPN has lost over 10 million subscribers, according to the New York Times. That loss in subscribers in conjunction with big payouts for rights fees has resulted in an ominously shiny bubble. And one of the biggest revenue streams for any TV network is advertising revenue, something directly correlated with viewership.

Global Ad Spend


Consequently, advertising dollars are shifting toward online advertising. Last year, eMarketerprojected that U.S. digital ad sales would surpass traditional TV for the first time. It’s a massive shift in the way money is being spent and how advertisers want to interact with consumers. It’s something new that doesn’t return an investment in live TV events whose rights are bought through cable deals — ESPN’s bread and butter that is getting soggy and molded.

According to that same report, advertisers will have spent $72.09 billion on U.S. digital advertising by the end of 2016, while TV spending will account for just less, $71.29 billion. It gives digital a 36.8 percent share in media ad spending, which is 0.4 percent higher than TV’s share.

This makes sense because ESPN’s 10 million less subscribers have gone somewhere, and all signs point to online platforms that continue to grow. Consumers are streaming shows from mobile devices and consuming news on the subway rather than on the couch.

This development is good for Internet-based platforms, including online publications, considering a variety of advertisements can be plugged into such applications. As time passes, newspapers will be asked to provide interstitial ads in their e-Editions; online catalogs will be asked to provide cross-platform advertising between manufacturer and distributor; and interactive yellow pages will continue to squeeze out online advertising revenue through banners and videos.

It will be increasingly important to operate within platforms that are flexible and custom, in order to service the wide range of advertising networks served online. An HTML5-based solution will be more capable of this than anything still based in Flash.

ESPN’s story is hard to have anticipated when these major cable deals were struck; however, its certainly an indicator of why digital and online advertising has become so important.

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Online catalogs face loading problems with Adobe Flash, web browsers

It is no secret in the Internet world that Adobe Flash Player is slowly dying and that inevitably HTML5 will take over. The web browser companies continue to create compatibility issues for Flash that only seem to get worse. For online catalogs that are based in Flash, this results in users receiving error messages when trying to load the online publication.

Only recently have the browser companies become more aggressive in their stand against Flash, as pointed out by CSO (a research group that tackles online security topics). They point out that Internet Explorer is going to be the only major web browser with Flash enabled, now that Microsoft is taking some initiative in a recent update to Windows 10 that automatically blocks Flash content. The update makes Edge another browser that can be considered an enemy to Flash, with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as the most problematic browsers for Adobe’s platform.

The article continues to point out HTML5 as the successor to Flash’s streaming throne, considering the faith Chrome, Firefox and Apple Safari has placed in the newer technology.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge require users to download Adobe Flash plugins, creating errors messages for many online catalog users.

Such changes began taking place for good reason. About two years ago, Firefox led the way by blocking Flash content after serious security problems arose from the platform. HTML5 grew in popularity as a supplementary option that had mobile capabilities; on the other hand, Flash was linked to a few critical online security breaches. It was not an ideal trade-off for Adobe.

There was already dissent toward Flash for not working on mobile devices — a defining blow delivered by Apple when its iPhone’s began growing in popularity — and when security vulnerabilities began to crop up, there seemed little reason to trust Flash. Last year, IAB guideline changes also set in motion the transition away from Flash, helping give reason to Google to no longer accept Flash-based ads.

The result for some online catalogs is a troubling scenario, the possibility that users aren’t receiving any content at all but rather a loading error and security risk message.

As the leader in online publications, Dirxion began a migration away from Flash toward HTML5 about seven years ago. Dirxion released its first HTML5-based product in 2012. Today, the online catalog is one of Dirxion’s most-reliable platforms, using HTML5, Javascript and CSS to provide a custom design for the user’s shopping experience.

Needless to say, these online catalogs load on all browsers and mobile devices. Dirxion also provides frequent product updates to support changes to browsers and operating systems.

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Great ways to promote your newspaper e-Edition

Newspaper e-Editions are becoming a necessity for newspaper websites. They act as an extension of the print version of the paper, broadening its circulation to the endless edges of the Internet. If not promoted properly, however, it will not be found by the newspaper’s target audience. Below are some practices that newspapers are using to promote their e-Edition.

Integrate it into current social media strategies
The online version of the paper is social-network friendly, which means you can easily create links to it from your favorite social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Actively integrating these publications into your existing social media strategy will offer visitors quick access to your brand and will help increase reader interest.Once there, users will be able to share your interactive publication on their favorite social networks by using various interface features. Use social media to circulate the paper to your readers, and then let your readers start circulating it for you.

Facebook — If your company has a Facebook page, then you can post a link to your newest digital edition on your wall or to the sidebar of your profile page. You can even integrate your entire digital edition into your page by utilizing an embedded Facebook app. Also, periodically include links to interesting print articles within the replica version to announce the latest issue in your status updates.

Twitter — Make sure to post an occasional link to your digital edition pages. It’s a great way for new followers to not only get the information they were after but also become more familiar with your company and your publication.

Deliver targeted email campaigns with a clear call-to-action
An interactive publication is an asset; promote it to your customers via email campaigns. Send an email prior to launch as a teaser and then send another to launch your digital edition to your targeted audience, making sure to highlight some of the hottest content to prompt clickthroughs.

Advertise on external sites
Create a banner ad that notifies people about your interactive, online version, and use the banner in an ad campaign on verticals, local businesses (news stations, chambers of commerce, newspapers, real estate companies), industry blogs, etc. You can also generate an Adwords campaign for additional exposure on external sites.

Provide above-the-fold visibility on your homepage
Featuring your digital publication in a prominent position on your home page will naturally grab the attention of your customers. Our research shows that displaying a thumbnail of the digital publication on your home page increases publication use by 21 percent.

Advertise in your printed publication
You’ll reach your entire distribution list at almost no additional cost to you. Be sure to let your print subscribers know all about the benefits of using the digital version — quick search, immediate access, direct click to order, easy to share with friends, video/audio for deeper product info, etc.

Provide the option to view your digital product in lieu of ordering a printed copy
This provides your customers with immediate access to what they wanted and could drive repeat traffic if they start using it. Additionally, offering a digital version of your publication will appeal to the increasingly “green” consumer.

Offer incentives
Everyone loves a discount. Encourage your customers to browse the digital publication and then reward them with a discount toward their next online purchase. Or, provide exclusive content in your digital version.

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Our customers can help you find holiday gifts for kids

Dirxion Gift Guide Header


For the past few years, Dirxion has designed a custom publication using its customers’ products to provide holiday gift suggestions. We want to provide some added exposure to our customers while helping you find holiday gifts for kids. The Out-of-this-World Gift Guide for Kids now has its awesome 2016 edition available — 2016 Kids Gift Guide. Maybe you’ve finished your shopping or maybe, like many of us, you’re looking for that last-minute holiday gift for your kids.

Similarly to last year, we have divided it into three sections: Educational Gifts, Unique Gifts and Magnificent Gifts. Kids can easily lend you a hand by bookmarking their favorite items. They might even see some educational toys that weren’t on the original letter to Santa. Jolly Old St. Nick’s hat is in the toolbar, which launches Google’s Santa Tracker.

We hope you enjoy the guide as much as we enjoyed building it. Feel free to share with family and friends, especially if you see something that you might enjoy playing with this year. When all of the new gifts are unwrapped, some of those gently used toys might need a new home. To get you started, on the back cover of our guide, you will find several local charities who will pass along old toys.

Again, you can check out the gift guide here:

If you want to see what we’ve been up to this year, click the social media tabs on the right to see recent posts and to follow us.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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Another way to feature videos with your online catalogs

Product and information videos are becoming an online marketing mainstay. The video boosts interaction between your business and customers. According to Haymarket, consumers are 64 percent more likely to buy a product after viewing a video about it.

We are following the growth of video marketing to ensure our customers have the best options available when adding video content throughout their online catalogs. If you are embedding videos on the catalog pages, we’ve created a clean play button. When multiple videos are added, however, the products can suddenly find themselves taking a back seat to all of the video play buttons. This presents a visual conflict with your catalog layout.

We’ve developed a solution to handle multiple videos that relate to products, advertisers or articles throughout a publication. The new video tab featured in the left-side navigation allows you to categorize and specify which videos to apply to certain publications. This allows for the quick addition of videos and adds nicely to our many existing options to feature videos. For a live example, please click the image below:

Heathrow Scientific Online Catalog
Heathrow Scientific Online Catalog

In addition to featuring videos, Dirxion can provide a source for your video creation needs. Our partner in this area has provided some examples here:

Adding videos gives you a great opportunity to increase revenue or simply create more value for your advertisers.

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An online catalog suited for a global economy

Many B2B catalog providers do business in a variety of countries, cultures and languages. Without the translated catalog, a lot of business could be lost in translation. That is why we think it is important to support a wide selection of languages in our online catalog product.

Among our customers, one of the best practices is use a toggle to switch between languages supported by the print catalog. Industrial metalworking manufacturer, Kennametal, is a prime example, whose online catalog supports 14 languages under one URL. Canadian industrial tools supplier Acklands Grainger has a drop-down toggle to choose between English or French.

If separate URLs are more desirable, consider YP eDirectories. They needed an option for two languages, French and English, to better serve customers in French or English speaking provinces. Instead of using one landing page with a multi-lingual drop down, they chose to use two different links/landing pages and split their directories using that technique.

A third option was used by KohlerPeople where we created a landing page with their six languages under each cover. It works well because the user knows which language they want and they can easily select it.

In a global economy that requires us to do business in multiple languages, these options are important. The primary goal of the online catalog is to expand the reach of your publications, and ignoring foreign languages is a sure-fire way not to do that.

An online catalog that is simply not so essential

Dirxion Gift Guide 2014





The holiday season is here, and great gifts are tough to come across. Have you already done your holiday shopping? If you answered “yes,” then awesome, good for you, take a pat on the back. But for those of us who answered “no,” Dirxion is here to help with an online catalog that is not so essential.

Dirxion’s 2014 Not-So-Essential Gift Guide is now published in the Compass interface for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy the items and maybe buy a silly gift for someone you love — just don’t blame us when you are kicked out of the family gift exchange. We sincerely wish you a wonderful holiday season and hope we could bring you a couple of smiles and chuckles.

Virtual publications now have iPad compatibility

Dirxion is excited to announce HTML5-based iPad compatibility. This is a step toward mobile compatibility that few online publishing houses have been able to take.

The importance of iPads to the world of virtual publications cannot go understated. Here are some impressive stats on iPad usage today.

  • Apple sold 300,000 iPads on day one. They have since sold over 3 million, and global sales projections expect they’ll hit 28 million iPads in 2011.
  • Early sales conversion rates on the iPad are already much higher than other mobile devices.
  • Fifty percent of Fortune 100 companies have reported they are evaluating the iPad for its commercial use. Business-to-business (B2B) companies have started equipping their sales team with iPads and online catalogs.
  • Publishers have reported that iPad advertising requests continue to grow 76 percent month-over-month.
  • Readers spend around 3.8 minutes per month on a publication’s website, while the iPad versions from the same publishers can see 60 minutes worth of interaction.

This is Dirxion’s first advance toward realizing a vision for online publications on the iPad and other emerging mobile devices. The efforts on this platform will continue to grow over the course of the next few months, giving publishers a foundation to evolve and succeed in the mobile content revolution that’s happening right now.

On the iPad, publication readers move through pages of the publication with just the use of their fingertips. Here are some of the iPad-specific features:

At 132 dpi, this high resolution, engaging multi-touch interface enables readers, publishers and advertisers to take on full-color media that bridges the experience gap between print and the new digital world.

Collaborate with Dirxion to develop your digital strategy and to find out how we can take your publication to a higher level by deploying these breakthrough publications.

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