Polygon linking increases interactive nature of online catalogs

Online shoppers have become accustomed to an interactive and convenient shopping experience. Design has since become a foundation of online catalogs, reflecting the fluid and integrated nature of e-commerce. Dirxion implemented polygon linking to change how consumers interacted with online catalogs and the ways in which Dirxion customers can deliver their product.

Polygon linking allows Dirxion customers to have specific images outlined and linked so consumers can interact with the image in the same way they would with a standard product link. Once clicked, they deliver customers to the corresponding product information page on the company’s e-commerce website via Quick Views, iFrames, custom detail dialogues or simply a newly-opened browser tab. In doing so, Dirxion turns the focal drivers of catalog pages — product images — into places for customer interaction.

Moose Jaw Online Catalog


The links can be customized to match brand identity as well. For some catalogs, polygon linked images will flash with color momentarily upon loading a page to let viewers know which images are linked. Customers can also choose not to have their polygon linked images flash at all. The option is more common for businesses with a modern, minimal design. Customers can also choose to have link association implemented into their catalogs. Link association highlights a corresponding product description on the page if a consumer hovers their cursor over a polygon linked image, which can also be customized or left out upon customer request.

Dirxion has long been the leading industry innovator for online catalogs. Being the first digital publisher to switch to HTML5 optimization, Dirxion set the standard for the online catalogs experience. Other Dirxion features, such as Quick Views, the Bookshelf and, most recently, the Minimal UI, continues Dirxion’s tradition of industry revolution and delivering a personalized, on-brand online catalogs experience.

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Another way to feature videos with your online catalogs

Product and information videos are becoming an online marketing mainstay. The video boosts interaction between your business and customers. According to Haymarket, consumers are 64 percent more likely to buy a product after viewing a video about it.

We are following the growth of video marketing to ensure our customers have the best options available when adding video content throughout their online catalogs. If you are embedding videos on the catalog pages, we’ve created a clean play button. When multiple videos are added, however, the products can suddenly find themselves taking a back seat to all of the video play buttons. This presents a visual conflict with your catalog layout.

We’ve developed a solution to handle multiple videos that relate to products, advertisers or articles throughout a publication. The new video tab featured in the left-side navigation allows you to categorize and specify which videos to apply to certain publications. This allows for the quick addition of videos and adds nicely to our many existing options to feature videos. For a live example, please click the image below:

Heathrow Scientific Online Catalog
Heathrow Scientific Online Catalog

In addition to featuring videos, Dirxion can provide a source for your video creation needs. Our partner in this area has provided some examples here:   http://www.previewmyvideo.com/demos/Dirxion.

Adding videos gives you a great opportunity to increase revenue or simply create more value for your advertisers.

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Virtual publications now have iPad compatibility

Dirxion is excited to announce HTML5-based iPad compatibility. This is a step toward mobile compatibility that few online publishing houses have been able to take.

The importance of iPads to the world of virtual publications cannot go understated. Here are some impressive stats on iPad usage today.

  • Apple sold 300,000 iPads on day one. They have since sold over 3 million, and global sales projections expect they’ll hit 28 million iPads in 2011.
  • Early sales conversion rates on the iPad are already much higher than other mobile devices.
  • Fifty percent of Fortune 100 companies have reported they are evaluating the iPad for its commercial use. Business-to-business (B2B) companies have started equipping their sales team with iPads and online catalogs.
  • Publishers have reported that iPad advertising requests continue to grow 76 percent month-over-month.
  • Readers spend around 3.8 minutes per month on a publication’s website, while the iPad versions from the same publishers can see 60 minutes worth of interaction.

This is Dirxion’s first advance toward realizing a vision for online publications on the iPad and other emerging mobile devices. The efforts on this platform will continue to grow over the course of the next few months, giving publishers a foundation to evolve and succeed in the mobile content revolution that’s happening right now.

On the iPad, publication readers move through pages of the publication with just the use of their fingertips. Here are some of the iPad-specific features:

At 132 dpi, this high resolution, engaging multi-touch interface enables readers, publishers and advertisers to take on full-color media that bridges the experience gap between print and the new digital world.

Collaborate with Dirxion to develop your digital strategy and to find out how we can take your publication to a higher level by deploying these breakthrough publications.

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