Older generations adopting more tech, widening market for online catalogs

Recent reports from the PEW Research Center have characterized a more digitally-connected elderly population. In the U.S., a record 46 million seniors (people ages 65+) account for 15 percent of the population, expected to increase by another 7 percent by 2020. Seniors have begun to close the gap between themselves and the rest of U.S. adults in the tech world. About 67 percent of seniors have or use the Internet, compared with 90 percent of all adults and the amount of seniors who report owning a smartphone having quadrupled in the past five years.

Smartphone Adoption

The adoption trends of seniors mirror those of the rest of the population with certain devices.Tablet ownership eclipsed e-readers, with 32 percent reported owning the former as compared with the 19 percent who own an e-reader. Within the broader population, tablet ownership has steadily increased since 2010, with 45 percent of the population reported owning a tablet (a 42 percent increase since 2010). The decline for e-readers was sharper than MP3 players, falling 13 percent since early 2014 to rest at 19 percent ownership among U.S. adults.

The more tasks that migrate online, the more the unique barriers of entry to senior citizens become apparent. The learning curve for technology is steep for seniors, who have spent the majority of their lives in an offline world. Only 26 percent of seniors feel “very confident” in their ability to use and learn their way through devices such as computers, smartphones and other electronics. But once connected, seniors have once of the highest interactivity rates, making the Internet a daily part of their lives. About 51 percent of seniors reported they use the Internet “several times a day” and 8 percent use it “almost constantly.”

“Similarly, a 2016 report from the Center found that ‘digitally ready’ Americans – meaning those who are confident in their digital skills and in their ability to find trustworthy information online – tend to be disproportionately under the age of 65.” —PEW Research Center, 2017

Dirxion online catalogs turn PDF print catalog pages into an interactive e-commerce service in a familiar format. Using Dirxion’s integration capabilities, online catalogs can live directly on an e-commerce website, within social media platforms such as Facebook and wherever else consumers interact with their favorite companies and brands. The Dirxion online catalog experience is built with user experience and ease-of-use in mind. Since the move to HTML5 years ago, Dirxion has continuously made improvements in the interface and capabilities all while keeping consumer preferences and experiences in the forefront of the design and development process.

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New minimal user interface offers online catalogs a clean look

Online catalogs publishers looking for a simple but complete interface can switch to Dirxion’s new minimal UI. The interface design stores its tools and features within a menu that opens and closes with one click.

The interface was designed with online catalogs in mind, in order to give greater focus on the catalog pages and the product images published within. Publishers with an emphasis on image quality and art direction have shown the greatest interest.

A recent example is retail apparel company American Giant. Its online catalog interface uses Dirxion’s new minimal UI with a menu in the bottom-left corner. When the online catalog loads, only the catalog pages, side-panel page arrows and bottom-left menu can be seen. Products throughout the catalog are linked to American Giant’s corresponding e-commerce pages, in order to drive sales.

American Giant Online Catalog


Once the menu button is clicked, American Giant’s custom interface design is displayed. They chose to have a toolbar set at the bottom of the interface — for basic navigation features, a high-res thumbnail strip and a link out to the consumer’s shopping cart. American Giant also has three tabs on the left panel of the interface, where users can access previous catalogs, a table of contents and search results that can be requested through the search field below.

Dirxion is currently showcasing its minimal UI to new and existing customers to accommodate a variety of preferences. In addition to the minimal UI, customers can explore other custom designs, like Restoration Hardware’s modern look, Brady Corporation’s content library or Uline’s toolbar header.

Dirxion’s goal is to provide unique branding and interface design to all of its customers, through the manipulation and addition of templates that are built with HTML5, CSS and Javascript. No two online catalogs interfaces should look exactly the same.

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Our customers can help you find holiday gifts for kids

Dirxion Gift Guide Header


For the past few years, Dirxion has designed a custom publication using its customers’ products to provide holiday gift suggestions. We want to provide some added exposure to our customers while helping you find holiday gifts for kids. The Out-of-this-World Gift Guide for Kids now has its awesome 2016 edition available — 2016 Kids Gift Guide. Maybe you’ve finished your shopping or maybe, like many of us, you’re looking for that last-minute holiday gift for your kids.

Similarly to last year, we have divided it into three sections: Educational Gifts, Unique Gifts and Magnificent Gifts. Kids can easily lend you a hand by bookmarking their favorite items. They might even see some educational toys that weren’t on the original letter to Santa. Jolly Old St. Nick’s hat is in the toolbar, which launches Google’s Santa Tracker.

We hope you enjoy the guide as much as we enjoyed building it. Feel free to share with family and friends, especially if you see something that you might enjoy playing with this year. When all of the new gifts are unwrapped, some of those gently used toys might need a new home. To get you started, on the back cover of our guide, you will find several local charities who will pass along old toys.

Again, you can check out the gift guide here: http://www.dirxion.com/2016KidsGiftGuide

If you want to see what we’ve been up to this year, click the social media tabs on the right to see recent posts and to follow us.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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An online catalog that is simply not so essential

Dirxion Gift Guide 2014





The holiday season is here, and great gifts are tough to come across. Have you already done your holiday shopping? If you answered “yes,” then awesome, good for you, take a pat on the back. But for those of us who answered “no,” Dirxion is here to help with an online catalog that is not so essential.

Dirxion’s 2014 Not-So-Essential Gift Guide is now published in the Compass interface for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy the items and maybe buy a silly gift for someone you love — just don’t blame us when you are kicked out of the family gift exchange. We sincerely wish you a wonderful holiday season and hope we could bring you a couple of smiles and chuckles.