B2B spending on online advertising expected to rise in 2018

Retailers who developed an omnichannel strategy thrived in 2017

Email, aided by online catalogs, can be an effective advertising tool

Confidence returns to mobile application market followed by sales boom

More companies might compete against online advertising duopoly

Post-holiday shopping breaks records in retail and e-commerce

E-commerce giant Amazon may set its eyes on Target

Ulta Beauty's e-commerce continues to grow

2018 may bring new changes to the online advertising market

Holiday e-commerce sales reach unprecedented levels

Extensions of m-commerce have difficulty catching on in some areas

E-commerce investment pays off for Walmart

Consumers, aided by e-commerce, began their holiday shopping earlier than ever

Google and Facebook duopoly force change in online advertising industry

ESPN changes audience metrics to match shift toward online advertising

E-commerce creates new jobs for workers and opportunities for businesses, studies find

Retail stores undergoing era of adaption, aided by online catalogs and e-commerce

E-commerce evolves to fit business models and consumer needs

Ulta Beauty's m-commerce department continues to experience growth

Amazon Business nets one million U.S. customers, demonstrates growth in the B2B e-commerce market

U.S. retail e-commerce continues to grow, supplemented by Amazon

Walmart makes e-commerce adjustments following power shift in international markets

Facebook bans thousands of online advertisers who are using 'cloaking' methods

Consumers increasingly worried about cyber security, especially with e-commerce

Gap between urban and rural Internet access widens, challenging e-commerce

E-commerce takes hold in economies with underdeveloped retail markets

Consumer expectations for mobile e-commerce change, yet market remains mostly inaccessible

Google no longer scans emails to sell targeted ads, raising questions for online advertising

Visuals continue to influence consumer decisions, enhanced through online catalogs

Facebook offers newspaper subscriptions for Instant Articles, publishers remain skeptical

Hershey makes big push into e-commerce, reflective of retail market's new approach

Adobe Flash officially terminated, Adobe encourages move toward HTML5

B2B sales teams and e-commerce work in tandem, increases productivity

Fraudulent online advertising practices exposed, e-commerce businesses potentially affected

Simplicity raises consumer responsiveness to e-commerce, online catalogs

Facebook overlaps Yellow Pages through Messenger 'Discover' tab

Amazon accounts for nearly half of all U.S. online sales, e-commerce

Older generations adopting more tech, widening market for online catalogs

Inbox clutter is a challenge that online catalogs can help email marketers tackle

Alfred Angelo closes, David's Bridal offers impacted brides some help

MSC Industrial praised for personalizing e-commerce software

Stories of brick-and-mortar struggles don't account for e-commerce adaption mindset

Updated bookshelf search streamlines B2B online catalogs experience

News outlets pursue online advertising rights with Google and Facebook

E-commerce values merge for international millennial customers

Largest Internet corporations push Adobe Flash into retirement, favor HTML5

B2B e-commerce continues to grow globally, requiring online catalogs to support multiple languages

Mobile applications grow in numbers, strengthen in security

Changing consumer demographics foreshadows rise in e-commerce

Google faces fines following EU investigation of online shopping service

New York Times's recent changes illustrate shift toward online news

B2B e-commerce sales expected to surge in upcoming years

Search engine optimization helps e-commerce websites meet their goals

Print and Internet yellow pages still receive significant usage in U.S.

B2B consumers shift into the e-commerce market

Polygon linking increases interactive nature of online catalogs

Principles of website usability translate to online catalogs

Design influences consumer decisions, important for online catalogs

Online and print catalogs combine to boost online sales

MSC Industrial increases customer support to match growing e-commerce

Consumers use e-commerce websites to supplement their offline shopping needs

Ulta Beauty showcases CRM, e-commerce strategy at conference

Google and Facebook dominate market share of online advertising

Online catalogs give businesses a way to meet generational needs

Google changing online advertising landscape through ad blocking

Washington Post shows online newspaper subscriptions can be lucrative

Consumers shifting toward mobile e-commerce

Rise in e-commerce exemplifies change in consumer habits

New minimal user interface offers online catalogs a clean look

Browser market shares show online catalogs where compatibility matters

Even online retailers are using the print catalog to attract consumers

Studies show manufacturers favor distributors with strong e-commerce

B2B Online convention teaches us more about what online catalogs need

E-commerce sales grow for online catalogs customer MSC Industrial Supply

Georgia Local Search's online directory given award by Cobb Chamber

ESPN layoffs an indicator of shift toward online advertising

Showcasing online catalogs for publishers at ACPN conference

Online catalogs face loading problems with Adobe Flash, web browsers

Our customers can help you find holiday gifts for kids

Another way to feature videos with your online catalogs

How IAB guideline changes really marked the end of Adobe Flash

An online catalog suited for a global economy

An online catalog that is simply not so essential

MSC Industrial showcases online catalog with tab pull-out

Great ways to promote your newspaper e-Edition

Virtual publications now have iPad compatibility

Commitment to innovation

Dirxion is a leading provider of online catalogs, magazine and newspaper e-Editions, and online directory solutions. Using primarily HTML5, Javascript and CSS, Dirxion publishes an interface that is compatible with all browsers and mobile devices — there is no Adobe Flash in Dirxion's products. Through a customized, hands-on approach, Dirxion uses the interactivity of online media to connect print publications to e-commerce platforms and create sales and marketing tools that deliver.

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